Affair - surveillance and prooving of a love affair (photo and video material), date, hour and detailed report regarding the moves and actions of a specific subject

Marriage investigation - husband / wife

Premarital investigation

Information gathering during divorce

Investigation of love affairs

Surveillance of people with suspicious behavior (alcohol, gambling, drugs and other)

Search of hidden of missing people

Search and find or bilogical parents

GPS systems for research

We collect information for a specific person - way of life, contacts, workplace, reveal facts regarding suspucious behavior of children or other family members (alcohol, gambling or drugs).

Detective services for companies

Inquiry and investigation of competitive companies (partners, shareholdings, properties, goods, import, pricies, sales), markets and other

Evidence recollection for past and future events

Data collection for a single person and/or company

Surveillance and ascertainment of shady competitors

Collection of evidence for current and future employees